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Being Single…

I’m now 18 and only had one real boyfriend in my life, when I was 14. Sometimes I’d love to have a boyfriend, because I want someone to love and I really feel lonely. But, when it hits me I really would rather be single. It’s much less complicated and more fun. Plus, when I do get into a realationship I realize it’s not something I’m ready for yet.

I use to feel that I was unattractive and boring because I was single. I felt like no one wanted me. But that isn’t always true, it’s all about confidence and how you carry yourself.

I’ve had low self- esteem basically all my life now. But now I’m learning to build my confidence instead of worrying about being in a relationship with someone.

Have you ever felt this way? Do you let your self confidence get in the way?


A Poem I call “Embracing Beauty”:

As the young women walks past the mirror, she stops and stares as if she’s seeing a different person. Is that the same girl? The day before she didn’t look too good.

Her body was not so perfect, her eye’s dripping tears, her hair all over the place. But, not today. Today she was seeing something different, her hair put in place,  no tears at this point because she was looking and feeling good, and her body looked better than ever to her. She stood there admiring everything about her body.

Hands on her tiny waist, admiring her narrow little hips, and perky little lumps she had as breast, she was in love with herself. If no one else thought so, she feel she was beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. The young woman was in love. In love with whom? Herself…And that young woman was ME.

I totally Love 80s Fashion, Especially Saved By The Bell’s Lisa Turtle’s fashion. I think I’d be the modern up to date Lisa Turtle based on her style. I loved her outfits from every episode. Because I want to one day go to Fashion school, and become a Fashion Designer, I look towards the previous episodes of Saved by the Bell and other 80s/90s fashion for inspiration…To me 80s and 90s fashion was the best decades of fashion, because of how outgoing and daring the outfits were. Though some of the outfits were a little bazaar, you could still look at them and tell they had so much fun.

Here's one of the outfits I absolutely loved on her.

Now here’s a cool picture to describe what I’m talking about. I think this outfit Lisa has on looks perfect on her, but nowadays I’d probably wear it for more of an active/exercising outfit.







Here are a few other great photos of her:


Not quite a good photo of her but It'll do. Love this look for more of a spring, flowy, relaxed looked.



Love this oufit...Great for a sunny day!


This is also a lovely Spring outfit...

Couldn’t find many good photos of her, but these are the few I could find. If I could find a perfect still from every episode I’d use them. Every outfit she wore perfectly described her as a fashionista. Who wouldn’t love to be Lisa? She was beautiful, fashionable, popular, intelligent, friendly, and one of the wealthiest students at Bayside. Who doesn’t just absolutely love Lisa’s daring, and adorable style?